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    ICON Corp. celebrated 26th anniversary this year. Many things have happened, however, it is great and wonderful to have the 26th anniversary day. All of this has been possible through the warm hearts of those involved and the efforts of our employees. As they say, continuity is power, and it has never been an easy road to here now.

    This industry is always changing. Just when a new product is starting to get attention, it may end up being a short-lived boom. Even for major companies, it is difficult to keep selling a single product for a long period of time. In a world of extreme ups and downs, we have been able to develop new products and do our best, and we believe this can be attributed to all of your warm support. We will continue to strive to develop products that are useful to everyone so that we would like to return the favor in the future.

    Now, we have taken the first step toward a new future.
    We will continue to take this moment as a milestone, and our challenge will never stop, aiming our 30th anniversary. All of us will continue to make further efforts to respond to your patronage, and we look forward to your continued support and cooperation in the years to come.

    January, 2023
    Toshiko Tsuchiya
    ICON Corp.
    Toshiko Tsuchiya, CEO